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SAVE 66.7% Elan Eyebrow Gel TintELAN Eyebrow Gel Tint
ELAN Eyebrow Gel Tint Sale priceFrom $29.23
Amica Lashes Ceramide Concentrate for eyelash and eyebrow laminationAmica Lashes Ceramide Concentrate for eyelash and eyebrow lamination
My Lamination Vitamin Lash Home SerumMy Lamination Vitamin Lash Home Serum
M curl eyelash extensions trayDifferent eyelash curls for eyelash extensions
M - curl | Volume Lashes Sale price$11.30
My Lamination Vitamin LashBrowMy Lamination Vitamin LashBrow 1ml Sachet
My Lamination Vitamin Lashbrow Sale priceFrom $30.96
Elan Smart Brow Tinting System colour boosterELAN Smart Brow Tinting System - Colour Booster
One eyelash extensions adhesive glue bottle
SAVE 15% ELAN Eyebrow Lamination Expert SystemELAN Eyebrow Lamination Expert System
ELAN Eyebrow Lamination Expert System Sale price$18.48 Regular price$21.74
My Lamination Mineral LashBrow 15ml Bottle
My Lamination Mineral Lashbrow Sale priceFrom $30.96
My Lamination Inspiration Balm SetMy Lamination Inspiration Balm is a soft balm that gently enhances eyelashes, eyebrows and lips
ELAN Argan Oil Skin Protector
ELAN Brow ELIXIR Sale price$18.36
ELAN  Cosmetic SharpenerELAN  Cosmetic Sharpener
ELAN Cosmetic Sharpener Sale price$7.57
FLEX Beauty Gel PadsFLEX Beauty Gel Pads
FLEX Beauty Gel Pads Sale priceFrom $14.24
FLEX Beauty Lash Lift / L ToolFLEX Beauty Lash Lift / L Tool
Elan Eyebrow Gel ClearElan Clear Eyebrow Gel
ELAN Clear Eyebrow Gel Sale price$12.59
ELAN Powder Eyebrow PencilELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil
ELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil Sale priceFrom $13.49
Elan multi purpose concealerELAN Multi-Purpose Concealer Pencil - The Beauty House Shop
Elan Blackwood Professional Make up brushesElan Blackwood Professional Make up brushes
Y ToolY Tool
Y Tool Sale price$5.25
Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Holder Gasket PaletteEyelash Extensions Adhesive Holder Gasket Palette
Pretty Eyes Lash Lift Shieds Pads for lamination 2 boxes pink and green open Pretty Eyes Lash Lift Shields
Pretty Eyes Lash Lift Shields Sale priceFrom $17.24
My Lamination Brush Combo Star & DivaMy Lamination Brush Combo Star & Diva
ELAN Smart Tint Remover
ELAN Smart Tint Remover Sale price$13.19
ELAN IceCold TONER Sale price$19.49
Katya Vinog Bottom Lash Lift ShieldsKatya Vinog Bottom Lash Lift Shields
Katya Vinog Lash Lift PaletteKatya Vinog Lash Lift Palette
Amica Lashes Home Ceramide ConcentrateAmica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate
Amica Lashes Ceramide Toner VeilAmica Lashes Ceramide Toner Veil
Amica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate SampleAmica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate Sample
FLEX Beauty Long Lash Lift / L ToolFLEX Beauty Long Lash Lift / L Tool
FLEX Beauty Lash MirrorFLEX Beauty Lash Mirror
FLEX Beauty Lash Mirror Sale price$9.74
Katya Vinog Reusable Under Eye PatchesKatya Vinog Reusable Under Eye Patches
FLEX Beauty Platinum Eyelash Extensions Adhesive
Katya Vinog Lash Lift CoversKatya Vinog Lash Lift Covers
Amica Lashes Repair Cream-Mask with GoldAmica Lashes Repair Cream-Mask with Gold
Amica Lashes Ceramide Concentrate Sachets
SAVE 19.9% Katya Vinog Glue PaletteKatya Vinog Glue Palette
Katya Vinog Glue Palette Sale price$7.80 Regular price$9.74
SAVE 15% Elan Brow D-Colour SystemElan Brow D-Colour Emulsion 1
ELAN Eyebrow Tint Removal Expert System D-COLOR Sale price$22.30 Regular price$26.23
ELAN Ultramarine Eyebrow Bleaching PowderELAN Ultramarine Eyebrow Bleaching Powder