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Gel Tint

Elan has developed a patented formula and application technology that is unique around the world and taking the beauty industry like a storm. The professional line of gel tint provides significantly longer lasting results than other industry standard tints. Now you can provide your clients the ultimate brow and lash tint experience with results lasting up to 30 days on the hair and up to 14 days on the skin - isn't that amazing?! Each experience is fully customizable and you can create all shades and tones desired by learning the correct mixology.

To reach maximal results it is highly recommended to use before tinting the Elan Cleansing Detox-Mousse and after the Elan Colour Fix for longer color effect.

Key benefits:

  • Evenly covers eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Long-lasting results
  • Versatile shades
  • Provides moisture to the skin


How to use: An allergy skin test is necessary before use. Start by using the Elan Cleansing Detox-Mousse to prepare the skin and hair. Mix the gel tint with the oxidant in the measuring cup (non-metallic bowl). Apply the argan oil cream on the skin around the eyebrows. Spread evenly on the eyebrows using the applicator and leave it to develop 5-15 minutes. Check the color and if it is desired, remove the tint completely with water to stop the chemical reaction. If needed, remove gently the excess of the tint around the eyebrows using the skin color remover. Finish the procedure by applying the Elan Colour Fix to seal and secure the tint.


Lasts up to 15 tints per 5 ml sachet.

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