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InLei Lash Lift System - SachetInLei Lash Lift System - Sachet
InLei Lash Lift System - Sachet Sale priceFrom $29.00
InLei Lash Lift System - BottleInLei Lash Lift System - Bottle
InLei Lash Lift System - Bottle Sale priceFrom $21.00
InLei Brow Lamination System - SachetInLei Brow Lamination System - Sachet
InLei Brow Lamination System - BottleInlei Brow Lamination Lift 1, Lock 2 and Brow Bomber 3 Airless Bottles
Sold Out
Inlei Lamica GelInlei Lamica Gel
InLei Lamica Gel Sale price$29.00
Sold Out
InLei Fixing GelInLei Fixing Gel
InLei Fixing Gel Sale price$32.00
InLei Professional BrushesInLei Professional Brushes
InLei Professional Brushes Sale priceFrom $20.26
Sold Out
Inlei Forma ShieldsInlei Forma Shields Matte and Shiny
InLei Total - Silicone Lash Lift ShieldsInLei Total - Silicone Lash Lift Shields
Inlei Saline TreatmentInLei Saline Pre-Treatment
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InLei Black ThreadInLei Black Thread
InLei Black Thread Sale price$13.00
InLei Eyelash & Eyebrow TintInLei Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint
Inlei Developer Cream InLei Tint Developer Cream
Inlei Lady BhieldInlei Lady Shield
InLei Lady Shield Sale price$19.00
InLei Mousse Cleanser - AloeInLei Mousse Cleanser - Aloe
InLei Helper 2.0InLei Helper 2.0
InLei Helper 2.0 Sale priceFrom $5.00
Sold Out
InLei Lash Lift & Filler Sample
InLei Brow Bomber Lamination Sample