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FLEX Beauty Silicone Gel TapeFLEX Beauty Silicone Gel Tape
FLEX Beauty Silicone Gel Tape Sale priceFrom $6.01
FLEX Beauty Eyelid TapeFLEX Beauty Eyelid Tape
FLEX Beauty Eyelid Tape Sale price$4.88
Color Paper TapeColor Paper Tape
Color Paper Tape Sale price$1.88
Paper Tape for Eyelash Extensions
Paper Tape Sale priceFrom $1.50
Nichiban Tape from Japan
Nichiban Tape from Japan Sale priceFrom $2.03
3M Micropore Tape
3M Micropore Tape Sale priceFrom $3.46
Eyelash Extensions Glue Cleaning Removing Pads Lint freeEyelash Extensions Glue Cleaning Removing Pads Lint free
FLEX Beauty Microbrush ApplicatorsFLEX Beauty Microbrush Applicators
Lint Free Applicators for Eyelash Extensions
FLEX Beauty Mascara BrushesFLEX Beauty Mascara Brushes
FLEX Beauty Mascara Brushes Sale priceFrom $5.26
FLEX Beauty Silicone Mascara BrushesFLEX Beauty Silicone Mascara Brushes
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo BrushFLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo Brush
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo Brush Sale priceFrom $2.63
FLEX Beauty Gel PadsFLEX Beauty Gel Pads
FLEX Beauty Gel Pads Sale priceFrom $14.28
Katya Vinog Reusable Under Eye PatchesKatya Vinog Reusable Under Eye Patches
MIA PRO LASHES Reusable Eye Patches
Style and Cils Reusable Silicone PatchesStyle and Cils Reusable Silicone Patches
Maxymova Silicone Eye PatchMaxymova Silicone Eye Patch
Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Holder Gasket PaletteEyelash Extensions Adhesive Holder Gasket Palette
Disposable Glue RingsDisposable Glue Rings
Disposable Glue Rings Sale priceFrom $6.46
Lash palette for Eyelash ExtensionsLash palette for Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Palette Sale price$8.01
Mini Scissors for Eyelash Extensions
FLEX Beauty Spring Scissors
FLEX Beauty Straight TweezersFLEX Beauty Straight Tweezers
FLEX Beauty 45 Degree Angle Tweezers
FLEX Beauty Curved TweezersFLEX Beauty Curved Tweezers
FLEX Beauty L-type TweezersFLEX Beauty L-type Tweezers
Calia Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions
L shape Tweezers CALIA Sale price$5.85
SAVE 60% L shape Tweezers IVY
L shape Tweezers IVY Sale price$4.51 Regular price$11.27
FLEX Beauty Lash MirrorFLEX Beauty Lash Mirror
FLEX Beauty Lash Mirror Sale price$9.77
Lash Rinse BottleLash Rinse Bottle
Lash Rinse Bottle Sale price$2.25
FLEX Beauty Nano MisterFLEX Beauty Nano Mister
FLEX Beauty Nano Mister Sale price$29.31
Bladeless FanBladeless Fan
Bladeless Fan Sale price$13.53
Small Digital Timer - The Beauty House ShopSmall Digital Timer - The Beauty House Shop
Small Digital Timer Sale price$7.48
Thermo Pro Digital Thermo/HydrometerThermo Pro Digital Thermo/Hydrometer
Practice Lashes for Eyelash ExtensionsPractice Lashes for Eyelash Extensions
Practice Lashes Sale price$5.26
APEXEL HD Phone Lens KitAPEXEL HD Phone Lens Kit
APEXEL HD Phone Lens Kit Sale price$15.03
Mannequin head with strip lashesMannequin head with removable eyelid