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M curl Volume Lashes

The M curl offers the perfect combination of qualities we love in other curls! It has a straight base similar to the L curl with a softer transition to a C curl throughout the mid-body. It straightens out a bit toward the tip, rather than continuing to curl back like the C curl does. End result: a buzz-worthy statement look!

This curl looks looks gorgeous on practically everyone! You’ll find that it works especially well for most clients with straighter lashes, however, we wouldn’t recommend the M curl for clients with very downward-pointing natural lashes.

The Volume lashes are perfect for creating custom lash fans for Volume application. They are thin and lightweight making them perfect for creating a custom look based on your clients desired fullness. These individual M curl lashes are made from the highest quality synthetic fiber. The lashes have a luxurious mink strand with ultra soft and natural texture that maintains its curl.


  • M curl
  • 16 rows
  • Matte finish
  • Available in single trays
  • Diameters available 0.07
  • Lengths available 8 - 15 mm
  • Mix trays available 7 - 15 mm & 7-8-9 mm
  • Made out of 100% synthetic fibre

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