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Elleeplex Pro Tint for Lash & Brows

Add a pop of colour to lash and brow laminations with a superior long lasting tint that will enhance the natural hair colour of lashes and brows, to create beautiful definition around the eyes. 

The Elleeplex Profusion Tint System is the next generation in permanent hair colouring. Designed for the beauty professional who desires optimal performance, giving long lasting colour and definition. 

Size: 20ml tube 

Benefits of the Elleeplex Pro Tint:

  • Long lasting results up to 6-8 weeks
  • Intense saturation of colour 
  • Suitable for lash and brow hairs 
  • Waterproof and smudge proof formula  
  • Approx. 100 applications 
  • Designed in Australia, manufactured in Switzerland 
  • Cruelty Free

How to use: Add this tint to the lash and brow lamination service, saving you time! Mix Elleeplex Pro Tint with Elleeplex oxidant 1:1 ratio. You can also mix the tint with the profusion setting lotion to set the lash lift or brow lamination, as well as to add a pigment of colour. To enhance the service, combine Elleeplex ReGen to the mixture to provide a nourishing treatment that will optimize the lash and brow health of your clients.

For optimal results use with: Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination System.

*Please note, when using Profusion Tints for lash lifting, the tinting results on lashes may not be as intense as when tints are used as a separate step.

Available colours:

Black 01: One of the most popular colors in the range, black is perfect for clients with black to dark brown hair. Black will add solid definition and volume to the eyelashes without having to apply mascara.

Graphite 1.1: Particularly good for covering grey or white hair or leaving a darker effect if left for a longer processing time. Definition with a touch of grace. TIP: You can add a touch of graphite to light brown to tone down any red tones that brown may give off when tinting eyebrows.

Blue Black 02Will add even further depth than Black by adding a dark blue lustre to the lashes. Perfect for wearing with blue eye makeup as it enhances the overall look of the eye area. Suits many skin types.

Deep Brown 03: A very dark brown colour with a solid matt coverage. The brown tones do give a more natural feel to the end result for those clients who wish to achieve this colour tone. Clients with dyed dark brown hair can use deep brown for the eyebrows to match the hair.

Light Brown 3.1Perfect for clients with a lighter hair colour blonde or light brown who wish to have a more subtle and natural effect to the lashes.

Honey Brown 3.3A beautiful brown tone to add subtle definition to lighter hair colour adding depth with a honey glaze. This colour suits blondes and very light brown hair, which is essential when you wish to mix browns to get that colour just perfect!

*Please contact us to order other colours. 


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