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Lash Lift Palette by Perfect Line

Achieve superior lash lift results with the Lash Lift Palette by Perfect Line, that will allow you to maximize your application process and increase your workflow efficiency. From the brand that created the signature ultra neon lash lift shields, the Perfect Line have developed their first palette specially designed for lash lift procedures. This palette is designed in a charming heart shaped silicone mold, and is available in eye catching colours to stylishly match with their entire collection. The palette features 6 slots that are intended to hold the most important lash lift step, including a removable cup for mixing tints and dyes. This eliminates the need to reopen satchets and bottles in the middle of your lash lift application. The compact size of the palette is small enough to place in a convenient spot around your work station. 

The slot for tints features a removable insert to prevent staining the entire palette, and can easily be placed back into position. An extra cup is included for working with a variety of dye tints. The size of the pockets will hold the perfect amount of volume, without producing any excess waste.

Available to purchase as:

Palette x 1 with removable cups x 2

Removable inserts 5pc

Each section features:

1: slot for lifting cream

2: slot for neutralising cream

3: slot for hydrating cream 

B: add a drop of water

Кл: Used for glue (1-2 drops)

Кр: Removable cup for mixing tint and oxidant

Benefits of the Lash Lift Palette:

  • Prevents excess product waste
  • Slots hold optimal amount of product
  • Removable cup for tints 
  • Small, compact design 
  • Available in eye catching colours
  • Can be easily cleaned and stored

How to use: Fill in all the slots before procedure. Mix tint and oxidant only until it is time to use. After each use immediately clean with warm water and soap followed by alcohol wash to complete the sanitization. 

Materials: silicone

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