Perfect Line Lash Lift Shields

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Lash Lift Shields by Perfect Line

Hellooo Perfect Line! Yes, they are here and they are bright, colourful and most of all versatile shields that achieve the perfect curl - they are worth ever penny! You most likely have seen them on instagram already but now you can get a set of your own, add to your cart if you are ready to get THE HOTTEST lash lift results on the market! 

The Perfect Line Eyelash Lift Shields are like their name suggest 'perfect' in so many ways. One of the best parts of these shields is their ability create the perfect curl for all types of eyes and lashes!! Making them a quintessential shields to have for all lash masters from beginner to pro. In addition, they have a great shape that provides a comfortable fit to the eyelid. Perfect Line shields have been made out of a high quality, soft and elastic silicone that has a matte touch for effortless wrapping of natural lashes. 

They come in 4 convenient sizes, Small (orange), Medium (pink), Large (yellow) and X-large (green), each with their own ultra bright neon color, perfect for blowing up your instagram. The set comes in a deep blue metal jar that acts as the storage box for the shields.

Benefits of the Perfect Line Lash Lift Shields:

  • Perfect curl, every time
  • Suitable for all eyes
  • 4 Bright & colourful shields
  • Soft & elastic silicone
  • Fits comfortably to the eyelid
  • Comes with a convenient storage package
  • Great for beginners & experienced lash masters

For ultimate Perfect Line experience, make sure to also grab the Perfect Line Compensator to ensure the results of a perfect curl.

How to use: 

1) If the client has straight growing eyelashes - apply the 1st solution to the highest point of the shields. 

2) If the client has downward growing eyelashes - the 1st solution can be applied 1 mm higher or to the highest point of the shields.

3) If the client has upward growing eyelashes - the 1st solution is applied 1 mm below or to the highest point of the shields.

Make sure that the 2nd solution is applied to the same place as the 1st solution. 

Size: Set of 4 pairs (S, M, L, XL)

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