ELAN LashPlex Professional Eyelash Concentrate

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ELAN LashPlex professional eyelash concentrate

A multi-purpose professional concentrate is specially developed for the eyelash care:

AminoPLEХ: the eyelash hair protection from the inside out

The concentrate is enriched with a patented complex, formulated with the combination of 8 amino acids (serine, glycine, glutamic acid, alanine, lysine, arginine, threonine, proline), betaine and pyroglutamic acid salt. This is a highly effective moisturizing component, based on the natural moisturizing ingredients (NMF). The complex facilitates the active reconstruction of the eyelash hair inner structure, provides the eyelashes with elasticity and flexibility; due to the fact that amino acids have a small molecular weight, they easily penetrate into the hairs and retain moisture inside them.

KeraРLEX: the eyelash hair protection from the outside

A complex, based on protein, keratin and panthenol, covers and thickens the eyelashes, provides them with so­ness and shine, sets the eyelash hairs in place and protects the created eyelash curl a­er the eyelash lamination procedure.

Result: the concentrate ensures an ideal care about the eyelashes, provides them with the visual length and density.

- directly a­fter the eyelash lamination procedure in order to minimize the eyelash hair damage, which can be caused by the chemical influence during the procedure; *

- as а moisturizing and strengthening treatment for the eyelash home care.


The professional concentrate LashPLEX ensures sealing of the eyelash hair cuticle. 

 Size: 10 ml

Expiration date: 24 months. Period after opening (PAO): 6 months. 

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