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This book was created by the talented ELAN team for everyone, who is going to master a new profession. The book is also developed for the brow artists, who want to improve their professional skills. This is an indispensable product, which contains step-by-step analysis of eyebrow shaping, tinting, toning, lamination, lightening and flexing procedures.

The ELAN Brow Book contains information about all ELAN products intended for the brow artists. It will help specialists to learn how to choose and use products for beauty procedures, taking into account the wishes of clients and analyzing the condition of the eyebrow hairs.

244 pages of pure brow mastery with mini quizzes and practices to get the full benefits of the book!

Key features:

  • Step-by-step instructions for beauty procedures
  • Schemes for defining proper shape of the eyebrows
  • Recommendations of brow-specialists with many years of experience
  • ÉLAN signature techniques use for performing beauty procedures
  • Methods of correcting eyebrow asymmetry of different types.

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