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My Lamination Vitamin Lash Home SerumMy Lamination Vitamin Lash Home Serum
My Lamination Cleansing Foam 4 in 1 Facial, Eyelash, Eyebrow, Makeup Remover Cleanser
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo BrushFLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo Brush
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo Brush Sale priceFrom $2.63
ELAN LashPlex Professional Eyelash Concentrate 2.0ELAN LashPlex Professional Eyelash Concentrate 2.0
Sold Out
Amica Lashes Home Ceramide ConcentrateAmica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate
Elan multi purpose concealerELAN Multi-Purpose Concealer Pencil - The Beauty House Shop
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo
FLEX Beauty Lash Shampoo Sale price$13.17
ELAN Brow ELIXIR Sale price$18.43
ELAN Powder Eyebrow PencilELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil
ELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil Sale priceFrom $13.54
Sold Out
Amica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate SampleAmica Lashes Home Ceramide Concentrate Sample
My Lamination Inspiration Balm SetMy Lamination Inspiration Balm is a soft balm that gently enhances eyelashes, eyebrows and lips
Standout Beauty Brow Lamination Gel HYDRA+Standout Beauty Brow Lamination Gel HYDRA+
Amica Lashes Repair Cream-Mask with GoldAmica Lashes Repair Cream-Mask with Gold
Amica Lashes Repair Cream-Mask with Gold Sale price$23.70 Regular price$33.85
ELAN LipidicELAN Lipidic
ELAN Lipidic Sale price$13.54
ELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil *WITHOUT BOX*ELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil *WITHOUT BOX*
ELAN Powder Eyebrow Pencil *WITHOUT BOX* Sale priceFrom $6.77 Regular price$13.54
ELAN Go GrowELAN Go Grow
ELAN Go Grow Sale price$23.32
Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye MasksKenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks
Innovator Cosmetics Usma Eyebrow Oil
Innovator Cosmetics Usma Eyebrow Oil Sale price$12.64 Regular price$15.80
Kenzina Hydration Boosting Lip MasksKenzina Hydration Boosting Lip Masks
Standout Beauty Brow Concealer & Highlight PaletteStandout Beauty Brow Concealer & Highlight Palette
Standout Beauty Precision Brow PencilStandout Beauty Precision Brow Pencil
ELAN Eyebrow Styling Wax - BROW TOPELAN Eyebrow Styling Wax - BROW TOP
Sold Out
Maxymova Eyelash and Eyebrow SerumMaxymova Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum
Amica Lashes SUN Fluide SPF 35Amica Lashes SUN Fluide SPF 35
Noemi Jelly MaskNoemi Jelly Mask
Noemi Jelly Mask Sale price$21.06