FLEX Beauty Disinfection & Storage Container

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2-in-1 Box for Sanitization & Storage by FLEX Beauty

This cute little round box will be your new favourite friend for washing, sanitizing and storing all your precious lash lift shields, covers, compensators, reusable under eyepatches, etc. 

It is a durable and light weight multipurpose container that is one of the most convenient ways to not only wash and sanitize but also to store all your favourite application tools. The container includes a detachable tray strainer for fast and easy rinsing without having to worry about loosing anything, and the lid will keep them dust free when not in use. The dual basket design allows for an automatic drainage. 

Made out of premium high quality plastic that you can fill up with your choice of disinfectant solution and it is also high temperature resistant. 

Size: 8.5 x 9 cm / 3.3 x 3.5 in

Key features of the Premium Disinfection Container:

  • Space saving, durable & light weight
  • Made out of thicker, high quality plastic that will last
  • Multipurpose - wash, sanitize and store
  • Dual basket design for auto drain
  • Perfect for lash lift covers and compensators

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