Lash Lift Palette from Katya Vinog

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A palette for Lash Lift Masters was designed to assist you during your procedure.

It has 5 sections:

1 - to dispense step 1 ( exact amount to use for 1 application)

2 - to dispense step 2 ( exact amount to use for 1 application)

3 - to dispense glue ( due to unique shape of the section -glue will not be drying up for up to 1 hour)

4 - to dispense water ( great to keep next to the glue to prevent fast drying)

5- - to dispense tint + oxidizer ( no more waste of extra tint)

Palette is made out of soft silicone. 

Directions: After each use immediately clean with warm water and soap followed by alcohol wash to complete the sanitization.

Sizes: teal or black color.