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Article: Airbrush Brows - The Viral Brow Trend of 2024

Airbrush Brows - The Viral Brow Trend of 2024 - The Beauty House Shop

Airbrush Brows - The Viral Brow Trend of 2024

Airbrush brows have been blowing up on social media, and it is likely you’ve scrolled past this latest trend recently. In a very short period of time, this application technique has captured the attention of fellow beauty enthusiasts, making it one of 2024’s most buzzworthy brow treatments. So let’s take a closer look at what the Airbrush Brows hype is all about, and if it’s worthwhile adding a new service to your menu.

Firstly, what exactly is Airbrush Brows?

Similar to the airbrush makeup technique that relies on air for an even distribution of product to ensure impeccable coverage, airbrush brows follows the same method but for eyebrow tinting procedures. The most traditional brow tinting method used today is the manual application of tint or dye using a brush. However, the key difference is the use of specialized equipment, specifically an airbrush machine in place of a traditional brush, and only liquid brow tints are compatible. The airbrush effortlessly and precisely coats each brow hair with a delicate spray of pigment with a controlled application.

Image: Infinity Hybrid and dfbeaute

Why the airbrush method?

There are a few reasons why the airbrush method is used for brow tinting. One of the benefits is that it has the ability to achieve maximum full coverage by working with multiple thin layers of the tint, but can still be customized to your client’s preference. Once the layers are applied, the finish produces a powdery and natural look, while ensuring even skin stain and distribution. Airbrushing will create super crisp lines, leaving a lightweight feeling on the skin and delivers a very fast treatment. To enhance the brow service, it can also be combined with brow lamination.

Why has airbrush brows become so popular?

Brow trends have undergone various transformations over the years, greatly influenced by shifting standards of fashion, beauty and even impacted by global events. In recent years, we have witnessed a revolution of eyebrow trends from thin, penciled brows of the 1990s to the now popular fluffy laminated look. Covid-19 also played a role in this shift as individuals are embracing their natural beauty and opting for more low maintenance beauty routines.

In this modern era and the rise of technology, social media has become one of the primary platforms for self expression and having the ability to reach a mass audience. Social media influencers have also risen in popularity, shaping the current landscape of trends, style and beauty culture. Airbrush brows received its attention on platforms such as Instagram, tik tok and youtube, becoming a viral sensation since the beginning of 2024.

With the combination of these circumstances, the development of airbrush brows paved its way forward, providing a more customized solution for every eyebrow shape, texture and thickness.

How long does airbrush brows last?

Fading is expected, but it can last up 5-6 weeks on the hair, and 10 days on the skin. Airbrush brows can last longer than other traditional brow treatments but offers less permanency to ensure the freedom of changing looks.

Who is it recommended for?

This technique may not be for everyone, but it is an ideal option for those who prefer full coverage, darker, bolder, more defined eyebrows. The intensity can be adjusted to your client’s preference, whether they prefer a more subtle or bold look.

If you want to achieve that flawless ombre effect, airbrushing is the perfect solution. This approach allows you to achieve the gradual light to dark transition that starts from the inside of the eyebrow going outward. This fade effect is achieved by building saturated layers, controlling the intensity and placement of the pigment. The results provide a natural and full looking finish.

Airbrush brows can provide a very fast and efficient treatment without compromising results, and allows you to take additional clients per day, increasing your earning potential.

What tools and solutions are needed?

If you do decide to take the airbrush brows plunge, it's crucial to select the right equipment. Here is a list of the must have equipment, and the additional accessories you need to support this application technique.

Must Have:

  • Airbrush gun with plastic cups
  • Liquid brow tints + oxidizer

You must select an airbrush machine with plastic cups rather than metal ones. Metal containers will oxidize the tint, and thus change the colour of the solution. Liquid tints must also be used to prevent the machine from clogging. Infinity Aqua Drops is the tint of choice for airbrushing brows.

Additional Accessories / Supportive Tools

  • Brow Stencils or Silicone Gel Tape – Helps create the perfect brow shape.
  • Brow Paste, Mapping Pens or Mapping String – Outlines the brow shape with clean, crisp lines.
  • Skin Protector or Barrier Cream – Ensures clean skin and easy excess tint residue clean up.
  • Brow Shampoo – Cleanses eyebrows of makeup, impurities, dirt, and oil for a perfect skin canvas.
  • Saline Solution – Disinfects area and provides antibacterial properties for extra hygienic application.
  • Elan Colour Fix – Prolongs the tint results.
  • Concealer Pencil – The finishing touch for extra eyebrow definition and contour.

Shop our collection of Airbrush Brows Solutions

Another consideration would be to invest in an airbrushing course to master the proper technique for guaranteed success. Infinity Hybrid offers comprehensive training on airbrush brows.

What is Infinity Hybrid Aqua Drops?

The perfect brow tint to use for airbrushing is the infinity Hybrid aqua drops. This tint is specifically designed for eyebrows only, due to the liquid texture. Aqua Drops features a henna free formulation, combining bond building properties and repairing technology to restore hair with nourishment. This hybrid stain lasts up to 9 days on the skin, and 6 weeks on the hair, making it one of the longest lasting henna free tints available on the market.

The Aqua Drops line features 7 captivating shades that can be mixed together to create the perfect hue and achieve a remarkable brow transformation.

You purchase the Infinity Hybrid Aqua Drops, and the Oxidizer here.


It’s safe to say that the emergence of airbrush brows is challenging the traditional practices of brow tinting. Adding this new service can set you apart from the rest, by demonstrating your commitment to keeping up with the latest demands of the industry. Since this trend is fairly new and the service is not overly saturated (yet), becoming an early adopter can increase your social media visibility and attract new clients. As an added bonus, your content will be filled with fresh, eye catching aesthetics. Even if this trend may fade, it could be worth trying something new that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and elevate your skills.


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