Royal Jelly Paper

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The Royal Jelly Paper is a thin film that transforms into a powerful facial foam cleanser. This simple one-step cleanser provides a convenient deep cleanse and on-the-go makeup removal. Made of all natural ingredients, they deeply nourishes the skin, improving the skin's radiance and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed. Ideal for all skin types and perfect for use on eyelash extensions.

The ultimate travel cleanser for all skin types and can be used with eyelash extensions.

How to use: Pick up 1-2 sheets of the royal jelly paper with dry hands and place in the center of your other palm. With the help of your other hand, mix a small amount of water onto the jelly paper and rub your palms together in a circular motion and it will magically transform into a foam cleanser. Massage onto the skin in a circular motion and rinse thoroughly with water. Follow with toner and moisturizer.


Size: 50 sheets