Primer for Eyelash Extensions

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Pro+ Primer

The Pro+ Primer plays a key role in creating the perfect retention for eyelash extensions. It is designed to open up the lash cuticle due to its very high alkalinity (pH 9) by increasing the surface area and allowing the adhesive to have a better grip on the natural lash. 

For maximal results, use the Pre-Treatment prior to ensure all residues are removed from the natural lashes and the Glue Accelerator after to compensate humidity deficits in the room.

How to use: Shake well before use. Apply a small amount of solution with the help of either Microbrush or Lint Free Applicator evenly throughout the natural lashes. Make sure to not use too much product as over saturation of primer can cause irritation when in contact with eyes.

Size: 15ml 

After each use make sure the lid is tightly closed to avoid evaporation. Store upright in a cool, dry, dark place out of direct sunlight.

Shelf Life unopened: 1 year
Shelf Life opened: 6 months