Pretty Eyes Compensator Strips

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Pretty Eyes Lash Compensator Strips

The Pretty Eyes Compensator is designed to ensure the natural eyelashes stay secured to the shield without lifting from the pad. This will allow the solution to fully penetrate resulting to an even application, and maximizing solution penetration. It will guarantee maximum lash lift results and ensure a perfect eye opening lash curve. The compensator shape is perfectly contoured to lay flat on the lash shields and effectively covers the entire lash line. 

The compensators are made of high quality silicone that are ultra soft and elastic. Available in black, pink and green to match with their eye catching signature Pretty Eyes Shields collection.

Size: 1 Pair

Benefits of the Compensator:

  • Maximizes lash lift results 
  • Compatible with all shields brands
  • Soft & elastic silicone
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Great for beginners & experienced lash masters
  • Preventing solution evaporation
  • Maximize solution penetration
  • Stabilizing the chemical process
  • Ensuring the solutions stays in place
  • Acting as a compensator to eliminate root tension

 Materials: 100% silicone 

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