Perfect Line Lash Lift Compensator

Perfect Line Lash Lift Compensator

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Lash Lift Compensator by Perfect Line

For the ultimate Perfect Line experience you must have a pair of the compensators! They also come in bright and colourful array of 5 different shades. With the Perfect Line Lash Lift Shields make the most wonderful pairing that won't go unnoticed.  

The Perfect Line Compensator are designed to ensure maximal solution penetration while making sure the natural lashes stay secured to the shield and combat the root tension compensation. Super easy to use and adds another layer or color to your lash lift application. Similarly to the shields by Perfect Line, they are made out of high quality silicone that is soft and very elastic, and create the perfect 'hug' for the lashes. 

They come in 5 eye-catching colors, orange, pink, yellow, pink and blue. They also include a small amount of sparkle to really draw in your eyes aka insta approved.

Benefits of the Perfect Line Compensators:

  • Ensures the perfect curl
  • Compatible with all shields brands
  • 5 Bright colors
  • Soft & elastic silicone
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a convenient storage package
  • Great for beginners & experienced lash masters

For ultimate Perfect Line experience, make sure to also grab the Perfect Line Lash Lift Shields to ensure the results of a perfect curl.

How to use: 

Place the smooth side of the compositor directly on top of the roots of the natural lashes after the application of your lash lift solutions, step 1 and step 2. 

Size: 1 pair