Nikk Mole Makeup Brushes

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Professional Makeup Brushes by Nikk Mole

One of the most popular brow brands on the market is now at your finger tips as The Beauty House welcomes Nikk Mole to the Family!

The Nikk Mole Makeup Brushes all have synthetic hair, made out of high quality nylon to endure countless tinting applications while remaining its shape. The acrylic handle was made to last you for a very long time, even if in constant contact with dyes and henna, as it won't fade or loose its color.

Each brush handle is embossed with Nikk Mole signature engraving and they were carefully created to have the ideal weight balance of the brush that will your application just perfect!

Size: 1pc.

#14 - Sharp Medium Size Angled Brush 

#16 - Sharp Wide Angled Brush

#17 - Flat Straight Brush

#46 - Flat Round Brush

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