Nebulizer Nano Mister

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Nebulizer Nano Mister

Normally we recommend our lash clients to avoid showers, steam rooms and saunas for the first 24 hours as the adhesive needs to cure. Both heat and moisture can both have an effect on lashes and how quick they set. However, the right amount of moisture can actually help cure the lashes quicker.

The ultra­ fine mist of moisture from a nanomister can not only help cure the lashes quicker but it can also help "to seal" the bond which is fabulous for sensitive clients as it reduces any irritation caused by the adhesive fumes during application. Say bye-­bye to red eyes!

Directions: Only use distilled water. Mist with a sweep motion from one eye to another for 15-20 seconds. Must be 8-12 inches away from client's eyes. After each use, clean the nano mister with a damp cloth to prevent grease and dirt build up. Do not mist too close to the eyes as it will be too much water and may cause retention issues.

TIP! Don't be afraid to quickly spray their entire face for a gentle post nap refresh!

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