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Free Sample of My Lamination

One of Europe's most popular lash lift brands from Italy has finally landed in Canada and its carefully crafted formula is like no other with proven laboratory results. The My Lamination+ Lash Lift is a 3 step system that includes a Lifting Cream+, Neutralizing Cream+ and Hydrating Serum+. The system is complete by adding a 4th step; Vitamin Lashbotox.

The My Lamination Lashbotox allows for the natural lashes to replenish its depleted restores and brings back the healthy lush look of the natural lashes. Packed with vitamins and natural oils that will ensure that after a chemical processing the natural lashes receives the much needed hydration and nourishment. 

Limited quantities available, order yours today and pay only for shipping without tracking. Only available for orders within Canada & USA. Limit of 1 per customer.

Available in 2 options:

1) Basic - Lifting Cream+ 1x5 ml, Neutralizing Cream+ 1x5 ml & Hydrating Serum+ 1x5 ml

2) Pro - Lifting Cream+ 1x5 ml, Neutralizing Cream+ 1x5 ml, Hydrating Serum+ 1x5 ml & Vitamin Lashbotox 1x5 ml (add-on)

3) Brow Lamination - Brow Lifting 1x5ml, Neutralizing Cream 1x5ml & Hydrating Serum 1x5ml