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Brow Lamination Kit by My Lamination

My Lamination Brow Kit is a full set box that contains all the products needed for a eyebrow lift and the products doesn't contain Sodium Bromate.

Included in the package 

  • Brow Lift Cream, used to create a new direction to the eyebrows
  • Neutralising Cream, used to fix the new eyebrows direction
  • Hydrating Serum, used to nourish the eyebrows and clean them
  • Mineral LashBrow ( formerly know as Lashbotox)
  • 4 in 1 Cleansing Foam
  • Color Developer
  • 4 Colors (Light Brown, Brown, Graphite, Chestnut)
  • Set of Brow Pencils ( 4pcs)
  • Brow Mapping 
  • Inspiration
  • Instructional Card


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