Lash Lift Master Class with Uli August 16th 2021

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Master Class Outline:

Part 1

- You will observe in person how Lash Mother Uli performs lash lift procedure with step by step commentary. 

- You will be able to ask procedure- related questions and clarifications during this time.


Part 2

- You will be preforming lash lift on your model in front of Lash Mother Uli and receive feedback on every step of the process.

- Lash Mother Uli will share tips and tricks to perfect your lash lift and get you to the next level, show you how to perform the same tasks more efficiently and with better results!


In order to qualify to be part of this program you must be certified and have some experience in lash lifts already.


This is not a training course, but a practice session to improve the skills you already have.

No theoretical knowledge base will be provided.