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Professional Makeup Brushes 

InLei Professional Brushes are distinctively designed to aid the precise application of tint, dye, InLei® F1, F2, & F3, and Brow Bomber L1, L2, & B3. This ensures that the perfect amount of product is applied to the lashes or brows, guaranteeing a great result!

 - Michelangelo Professional Brow Brush -

Professional brush for every Brow Artist. The InLei® MICHELANGELO brush has been specially designed and tailored in collaboration with an historic Italian brush factory to meet every need to create a perfect eyebrow.

- Vincent Professional Brush -

The re-usable Vincent brush by InLei helps reduce your Salon's plastic waste whilst its pioneering cat-tongue shape allows for precise application of products during lash and brow treatments.

- Picasso Professional Brush -

Ever had to offer a refund because your client was unhappy with the final results of their lash lift?

This could be because of inaccurate product placement! 

Inaccurate product placement causes the lashes to over-process and becomes frizzy! The Picasso brush has been specifically designed so that its straight-cut brush head gives you precision and control in the application of your lash treatment products! 

The outcome? Happy customers with beautifully lifted lashes!

Benefits of Inlei Brushes:

  • 100% Made in Italy quality
  • Hair resistant to water and disinfection
  • Sloped hair: extra fine, abrasion resistant, balanced softness, colour fastness, elasticity
  • Synthetic hairs in double colour that allow a uniform application of the product (they do not absorb the product unnecessarily)
  • Light, practical and durable

Pro Tip: Never let your solutions, developer/tint touch metal! Metal oxidizes the solutions and cause it to change colour and alter the chemical process. That is WHY the Michelangelo brush is your brow bestie! It's long angled bristles make it possible to have an amazing application without touching the metal!

Size: Set of 3 or Individually

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