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Lash Lift / Lamination Kits

You have the option of either Elan or My Lamination Kit that will provide you with all that you need to start your eyelash lift journey. The lash lift kits not only includes the vital solutions for the procedure but also all accessories that you will be needing to complete an eyelash lamination. 

You can't go wrong with neither kit and it all comes down to personal preferences! We also highly recommend adding to your lash lift protocol the final touch of Amica Ceramide Concentrate , Vinog Shields and Pretty Eyes shields.


Please note that the My lamination Kit is not available to ship to all countries.

Included in the kits:



Lift glue - Lomansa (1 pcs)

Lash Lift Adhesive My Lamination

Eyelash Lamination Expert System «LASH CurlUP» Step 1

Lifting Cream+ (Step 1, 5 sachets)

Eyelash Lamination Expert System «LASH CurlUP» Step 2

Neutralizing Cream+ (Step 2, 5 sachets)

ELAN Detox Mousse

Hydrating Serum (Step 3, 5 sachets)

ELAN Lash Plex 

Vitamin/Mineral LashBotox ( 5 sachets)
Dolly's Shields ( set of 5 pairs teal or clear) My Lamination Cleansing Foam
My Lamination Silicone Pads ( Mix Blue & Rose )

FULL KIT INCLUDES everything in MINI KIT plus:

FULL KIT INCLUDES everything in MINI KIT plus:

ELAN SBTS - Oxidizer 3%

Glue Rings 100pcs


Color Developer 2%


Blue Black My Lamination Tint

Tint bowl Tint bowl

Lift tool

Lift Tool

Y-tool (5 pcs, clear/teal)

Y-tool (10 pcs, clear/teal/black)

Medical Tape (1 pcs)

Medical Tape (1 pcs)

ELAN Makeup Brush 1 My Lamination Brush Combo Star & Diva

ELAN Makeup Brush 2

Mini Lamination Brushes (30 pcs)

ELAN Makeup Brush 3

Gel Pads 50 pairs
Mini Lamination Brushes (30 pcs) Disposable Mascara Brushes (50 pcs)
Gel Pads 50 pairs Lint Free Applicators (50pcs)
Disposable Mascara Brushes (50 pcs) Microbrushes Long Tip (100pcs)

Lint Free Applicators (50pcs)

Timer (1 pcs)

Microbrushes (100pcs)

Thermo/hydrometer (1 pcs)

Timer (1 pcs)

Glue Rings 100pcs

Thermo/hydrometer (1 pcs)

Glue Rings 100pcs


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