C & D - curl | Flat Classic Lashes | 12 Rows

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Flat Classic Eyelash Extensions

Flat lashes are most dramatic classic eyelash extension. Instead of being round, this lash type is flattened to look wider, yet weigh the same as a traditional eyelash extension type. For example 0.15 flat lash looks like a 0.20, but only weighs the same as a 0.15 lash.

The Classic lashes are perfect for one-on-one lash application technique. These individual synthetic mink C & D curl lashes are made from the highest quality synthetic fiber. The lashes have a luxurious mink strand with medium-soft and natural texture that maintains its curl.


  • C & D curl
  • 12 rows
  • Matte finish
  • Available in single trays
  • Diameters available only 0.15
  • Lengths available 10 - 15 mm
  • Made out of 100% synthetic fibre