Eyelid Tape
Eyelid Tape
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Eyelid Tape

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Eyelid Tape for Lashes

Eyelid tape is a game changing, versatile tape that is designed to fix multiple problems during lash lifts and extension procedures. Originally developed for hooded eyes and monolids, eyelid tape is now the go-to tape for lash professionals.

Eyelid tape is intended to lift the eyelid skin for better visibility of the lashes, and allows you to effectively maneuver the lash line. This tape comes in convenient, pre cut strips, as opposed to regular lash tape that requires you to cut and trim, saving you time during appointments. Eyelid taping also allows for easy access of the inner and outer corners, making it easier to isolate and separate. 

Size: 2.4mm x 24mm per strip

 Benefits of Eyelid Tape:

  • Suitable for taping lashes that grow downward
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Superior adhesion & can be adjusted multiple times
  • Helps to keep eyes fully closed preventing chemical burns 
  • Easy application and painless removal
  • Flexible, hypoallergenic 

How to Use:

1. Using sanitized isolation tweezers, gently lift the end of the eyelid tape off of the plastic backing.

2. DO NOT touch the tape with your fingers. Apply one end of the tape to the area of the eyelid that you would like to move, secure with your fingertip or with your second pair of tweezers and gently pull the eyelid across/upwards.

3. Secure the other end of the tape, holding the eyelid in the desired place.

4. To remove: using the tweezers, gently hold the end of the tape and gently lift from the skin.