ELAN Smart Brow Tinting System - Colour Booster

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Colour Booster

The Elan Coulor Booster are specially designed for mixing with the basic Elan Gel Tint & Elan Deep Brow Tint to add more depth and intensitivity to the eyebrow color. If you are looking to expand your selection of shades, color booster is a must have. They can also be used for correcting and eliminating undesired color nuances.

 Key benefits:

  • Provides more color depth & intensity
  • Correction and elimination of undesired tones
  • Allows to expand the variety of shades


How to use: An allergy skin test is necessary before use. Start by using the Elan Cleansing Detox-Mousse to prepare the skin and hair. Mix the tint and color booster with the oxidant in the measuring cup (non-metallic bowl). Spread evenly on the eyebrows using the applicator and leave it to develop 5-10 minutes. Check the color and if it is desired, remove the tint completely with water to stop the chemical reaction. If needed, remove gently the excess of the tint around the eyebrows using the skin color remover. Finish the procedure by applying the Elan Colour Fix to seal and secure the tint.

Net weight 20 ml


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